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3/28/2014 2:16:00 PM
Along the Way...

How old were you "yesterday?"

Today with the fascination of the country on youth, I wondered about the benefits of age.

In a recent conversation... without getting specific... my friend was in her 70s ... and she added, "But yesterday I was 17."

We chuckled... and agreed... that was true.

Just nuts?

Now you could say that it sounds like the inmates are running the asylum here and that's why they thought this concept sounded right.

But the group of women considering the idea of aging consisted of various ages.

And we hadn't been declared incompetent yet... legally at least.

And we knew what was meant by the observation.

Make sure you change now!

Many years ago, the head nurse of a retirement/nursing home facility told me to "take control of your habits when you're young... because when you're old you won't have the determination to do so." In other words, sweet little old ladies were probably sweet to begin with. And my crabbiness probably wouldn't get better just because I got older.

Don't know if I've tackled this idea very well. Guess part of me likes the idea of having an excuse for being crochety.

Past years appear...

But it's fascinating to picture this idea... and I think my friend was right. At whatever age I might be... all the previous years seem to be on one photo sheet of paper instead of watching them on a rolling film.

And folks I know all agree that we don't want the "mind set" we had as teenagers.

Because of all the insights we have learned throughout the years... all the treasured values we have gained... all the wisdom that comes through surviving and knowledge.

Your present age...

Yes, the years may be adding up... but really, just yesterday I was young... and I remember... and can become better because of the understanding and love I have received... and that I hope to give.

How "cool" is this?

So when you wonder how old someone is... remember that "just yesterday" - they were your age.

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