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3/6/2014 1:41:00 PM
Bits from Betsy

So, what do we do now?

The last half pipe has been navigated, the final puck has missed the goal, the last triple-flip-triple-toe loop has been attempted.

The Olympics are over. Russia overcame the skepticism of world media. They even displayed a sense of humor, able to make a little joke at the closing ceremony about the snowflake that didn't become an Olympic ring during the opening ceremony. Hopefully, no one was sent to Siberia because of that mix-up. Thankfully, no terrorists disrupted the games and several stray dogs found their way back to the U.S.

Downton Abby (or Down Town Abbie, as I heard one local news reader call it) is also over for the season. Those of us who have an endless supply of enthusiasm for watching English aristocrats and their hired help, must put away our dreams of high tea and riding to the hounds for another year.

My ancestors came to the new world from the British Isles, and I'm pretty sure they were not of the peerage in any way, shape or form. For all I know, they may have been given the option of prison or the colonies, and they wisely chose the colonies.

The Oscars were awarded Sunday night, capping off the award show season. The only movie I've seen that had an Oscar nomination was "Philomena." The story was good, dealing with the power of forgiveness. Judy Densch is a fantastic actress, and the British/Irish accents always keep my attention.

It's fun to see the fashions on display at the award shows. The Grammy Awards had the most extreme clothing choices. Madonna arrived dressed as a Chimney Sweep . . . not the bird, the guy who cleans chimneys. There were artists in funny hats, artists in t-shirts and artists in ball gowns.

The Oscars are more glamorous, with dresses down to there and up to here. Although, this year, there weren't as many that seemed to defy gravity. It must be great fun to get all dressed up in designer gowns, jewels and fancy hair whether you win anything or not.

TV choices are now this singing contest or that singing contest. I guess I'm getting too old for the music most of these youngsters sing on "American Idol" and "The Voice." Tunes that stay in the general neighborhood of the original melody appeal more to me. When the singer wanders here and there in search of the tune, it's a bit confusing, plus it extends the length of the song. Just try and sing along with one of these melodic journeys. It's not easy.

Mother Nature's long third act here in this theater of seasons is getting old. There aren't enough seed catalogs in the world to chase away the winter doldrums and that constant tension, wondering if water pipes are going to freeze or the septic back up, diminishes the fun of admiring a snowman or a busy bird feeder.

Snow banks just keep growing. Plowed snow and broken drifts make for huge, rugged mounds of white. I have a feeling I could see Russia from the mountain top at the end of my driveway. Should get my climbing gear and scale that peak, maybe plant a flag for the homeland.

Hang on. Memorial Day is only 12 weeks away. Possibly there will be some green grass by then.

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