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1/31/2014 8:17:00 AM
View from the Valley

It is a lazy morning for me today. I do not know why, it is just that way. The sun is shining and the temps are ideal for Arizona. I should be dressed for a hike on the trail or a walk around the fountain, but here I am still in my pajamas with a shawl draped around my neck to ward off the cold desert  breezes. I sure wish I could package all this sun and warmth and send it your way. What is going on with your brutal winter? One day it is way below zero and the next it is 30 degrees with the prediction of snow. We check on Minnesota every day. Keep warm.

I have been shopping for Valentines at different stores. There are all kinds such as cards for your dog, bird, babysitter, mail person, car mechanic, ebay pals,friend, lover, husband and wife. I am sure I have missed some. I am an advocate of letter writing to the point that I only use the computer for writing my column. Scary, huh, but true. The written letter  has been a dying art for many years now, but it is being revived  in the schools. The students cannot even construct a paragraph without using  phone abbreviations. It is sad. So, in my granddaughter's class they have to do a daily journal describing their day. It is taken home to the parents at the end of each week. Parents are then asked to read it and include any grammar errors they see. They then sign off. Time will tell if this system works. I am all for the written note.

The Super Bowl is next Sunday and I cannot wait to see the ads and the half time show. But I am really looking forward to the singing of the National anthem by a well known opera singer who by the way has a beautiful voice. It will be the first time we are hearing this number without a rap beat or hip hop approach.  Yeah. The song will finally get the respect it's due. So much money is spent on this annual event that it boggles my mind. New York and New Jersey are claiming home town ownership when the game is really being played in New Jersey with New York building all the tourist attractions to lure the crowds into their restaurants and bars. New York, New Jersey, who cares it will be a huge success no matter what happens. Parties are being held all over our little conclave. Now, who do we root for?

I am looking at a huge saguaro right outside my window. It is probably about 100 years old. They take forever to get as tall as this which is about 40 feet. Just to grow a foot takes many years. Their root system is very shallow and when it rains they swell to store the water. Ours is looking rather skinny since we have not had any rain for a long time. We were given an aguava cactus when it was a very little plant. We put it in the shallow ground about three years ago and today it is huge. I marvel at the desert plants and how little water they need. Our yard looks out onto the Sonoran desert and the local hiking trail and we enjoy this beautiful scenery everyday. We are blessed.

When you get to a certain age the conversation centers around the aches and pains and your latest surgery. Sharing of doctors names, good and bad are bandied about. What hospital has the better food and ambience. I have two friends who are having knee surgery in Minnesota in the next few days. They are saying it could not be a better time to do their  surgeries because they don't want to get out into the brutal cold.  I  can see their point. Warm get well wishes are coming your way.

The doves are cooing and the Gambrel quail are prancing all over the yard getting food for their young. The bunnies are daily visitors and the other day a Bobcat walked along our stone wall. All is well here and I bid you SHALOM.

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