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8/23/2013 1:38:00 PM
Could Be...

Hard to believe school starts in two weeks - where has the summer gone?

Once again our "to-do" list has gone virtually unchanged, but I guess they don't call them the "lazy days of summer" for no reason.

I've really enjoyed the recent cool weather; I'm not a hot-humid kind of guy. Somebody told me today there's been 30-some straight days of high below 90 degrees; I'll take it!


With the end of summer and start of fall comes the Beacon's annual fall sports issue, which will be inserted into the Beacon next week.

There are two new additions, boys and girls soccer at Cannon Falls. We'll also cover football and volleyball from both Cannon Falls and Randolph, CFHS tennis and cross country, and cheerleaders.

One feature of our issue will be senior profiles. It's very hard for me to grasp the fact that I'll have one featured this year - Ethan is a senior! Hard to believe he's been around that long. And it's really strange to see the kids he grew up with - preschool and daycare buddies - getting ready for their senior years. As one girl muttered as she filled out her form: "This is really weird." Yes it is.


Getting sick of all the construction in the area, which is fruitless because we've got at least another year of it left, at least in my neighborhood. My physical property won't be affected by the new Hwy. 52 interchange or the rebuilding of County Road 24, but the view from my front door sure has changed!

For the past couple of weeks crews have been cutting down and removing hundreds of trees for the new County Road 24 right of way. It's really a shame to see all the old-growth trees paying the price for "progress." My neighbor counted nearly 40 rings on one old oak tree, and I'm sure the towering pines that have come down were at least that old.

And downtown - what the heck is up with the new corners at 4th and Main streets? I know something needed to be to enhance handicap access there, but not sure it needed to be to the extent it was. Hopefully nothing will get clipped by those big semis trying to take the corner. More "progress."


I'll echo the sentiments of last week's letter writers: city council, move the Farmers Market back to the city parking lot. It's OK to admit that it was the wrong decision.


My apologies to the folks at First Farmers&Merchants and White Rock banks - the headline last week was a little misleading. We said White Rock Bank had been sold a second time, and technically that's correct. However, some might have construed that to mean a second time recently, and that's not true.


I'll leave you with that annual fall warning: be safe! School's soon back in session, and with that comes buses on the streets and kids on the sidewalks.

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