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12/13/2012 10:48:00 AM
View from the Valley

It has been a sad journey the last few days. My little sister passed away suddenly on the 28th of November. We have just returned from the east coast where she was memorialized. We traveled on an airline pass, and to our surprise we got right on the plane and had good seats. It was our return flight that has left us with mixed feelings. Our 10 a.m. flight left six hours later. They were fixing the brakes on the plane. So, what to do for all these hours? Well, one gets to know fellow passengers very intimately. A lovely woman sitting across from me shared that she was recovering from breast cancer. Her left arm was swollen to twice its size due to lymph node removal. The condition will stay with her the rest of her life. But she was truly a brave soldier and could smile over the fact that they got all the cancer. We both echoed together, "Praise God." But the most touching was meeting over 70 service men and woman returning from Iraq after a year and a half deployment. They looked so young and were shining examples of wholesome, vibrant youth. I chatted with a few and thanked them for sacrificing their lives so we could live our abundant lives here in the states. They would smile and shyly say thank you. How wonderful that this group will be celebrating Christmas with their families. Please pray for the soldiers who are still in Iraq.

At this writing the Fiscal Cliff is still a very real threat. I wish that they would just cut out the TV reports until they have a solution. It would help the overall moral of the nation while we handle our personal fiscal cliffs. They say that the economy is bouncing back. I do not see it. Our daughter, after six months, is still looking for employment. She is 46 and has a college education with extensive experience in the publishing and editorial world. She has taken on the billing of her husband's psychotherapy practice, with hope of acquiring more clients, while still hunting for a full time job. Do not tell her things are getting better. Thousands out there are in the same predicament.

Shop locally day was a success in Cannon. There are many wonderful shops here in which to do your Christmas shopping. Gift certificates are a great way to bless a person. It is the gift that keeps giving. Donating to local charities is another way in which to spread Christmas cheer. Smiling and wishing someone a blessed Christmas is a lasting gift to the recipient. It costs nothing and is priceless. Driving politely makes everyone safe. Don't forget to thank the shopkeepers who work all year serving you. I especially think thanking the grocery workers is a real high. Gratitude is free and goes a long way.

I see where Doctor Karl Molenaar has started the building of his new clinic north of town. I could not be more elated that he is going to once again serve our community with his impeccable skills and knowledge of the community he had served for many years. I am proud to say I will be one of his first patients when the doors open. Many are waiting to do the same.

I see where they are entertaining the idea of making J.K Rowlings' book "The Casual Vacancy" into a movie. Oh, I hope this is not true. I found the book to be offensive in language and it was tedious to finish. This is my personal opinion, so do not crucify me if you do not agree. To each his own.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to wish you all a blessed Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. SHALOM.

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