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11/23/2012 11:32:00 AM
View from the Valley

It is an amazing day this 10th of November, as I write this column. The temperature is hovering around 75 degrees with a very nasty storm promised for tomorrow, when we will be donning winter coats, gloves and mufflers. Ain't Minnesota grand? However, when I think about the east coast, we are living in paradise. Here, various playgrounds were full of children getting in that last ride down the slide and on the teeter totter; sleeveless and barefooted. I had the air on in my car for a spell and it felt great. I am not ready for snow, ice and freezing roads. If we could put this weather in a vault for the future we would be in business.

The elections are history, but now is when the rubber hits the road. Both parties have to swallow their pride and start thinking what is best for our country. I have to say I am not encouraged by the rhetoric that is filling our airways. Compromise on both sides must happen and it needs to happen yesterday. All three of my major votes were negated, but I am willing to support the leaders as they together work to get us out of this mess. So with a lot of prayer I will wait and hope. When I think of the millions of dollars that were spent on all the mean-spirited ads, I get sick. Someday maybe there will be a mandated lid on all political spending. We can only hope.

We went to see the movie "Here Comes The Boom," and it was hilarious. I should say if you are opposed to the pugilistic sports that are popular, perhaps this would not be the movie for you. The story line is great. It addresses the cut backs that a school has to make to survive. The music program gets canned and a teacher, played by Kevin James, decides he can save his colleague's job by earning money fighting. The plot continues and it is hilarious. They quote scripture and pray before fights and there is zero profanity in the entire movie. We enjoyed the movie because of the latter two or three statements. We also saw "Argo" and it was terrific. Even though we knew the outcome, it was exciting up to the beginning of the film credits. Next one on the list is the movie about Abraham Lincoln. "Skyfall" is a close second.

I spent today shopping locally and I had a ball. Deck the Falls is just around the corner and it is a great time to get the Christmas lists organized and ready to do. I am so against the retailers starting Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I am told they must make the most of the seasons to make any profit. Black Friday being held the other day was a travesty. I think that opening stores on Thanksgiving is just not American, but what do I know. Folks live all year for the bargains.

I am really attempting the impossible by reading J. K. Rowling's new book "The Casual Vacancy," and "Of Human Bondage" by W. Somerset Maugham. I really do feel I am going off the deep end without a net. Rowling's book is geared for adults, the author's own words, but I am having trouble getting past all the times she uses the "F' word. Is this what she means by adult? If so I am not going to consider the book to be high on my reading preferences. I am not a prude, but come on, there are other words. I am finding it difficult to get into it, but I will plod on since I invested in the hard back edition. I am rereading "Of Human Bondage" for a book club review, of which I am the discussion leader. I must have been in another room when the assignment was made. It is over 600 pages long and full of concepts one must ponder. Bring on the snow and frigid temperatures, I have a lot of reading to do. SHALOM.

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