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7/18/2014 9:10:00 AM

To the editor:

Despite the Cannon Valley Fair lacking the Bearded Lady and the Strong Man, it does have a generous array of delightful animals shown by enthusiastic kids. But if you are nostalgic, you might still experience the bizarre in the "Commercial Building"... where attempting a visit with the garage-door salesmen requires navigating the gauntlet of yesteryear's quacks peddling magnetic bracelets, Christian fundamentalists peddling "I WAS Gay" pamphlets, and the abortion booth... peddling judgments for "murder" and the similarly hell-bound "murder accomplices" (like me, those refusing to force women to bear against their will).

As I pass the abortion video, my brain momentarily considers silence (and condoning this pious judgment) or the alternative. My decision becomes influenced by a table covered with human fetuses and framed by the familiar baby propaganda-picture captioned, "don't take my life" (it's a replica of that same propaganda billboard we've seen adorning St. Pius Catholic Church for the prior year). I become aware I am neither apathetic nor amoral enough for the former, as I hear myself asking, "How is the abortion battle?"

Without hesitation, those behind the fetuses begin brooding about Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court, leading me to inquire "Wasn't that about contraception, not abortion?" This opens the spigot of Catholic doctrine about birth control and the "sanctity of life." I note that an IUD doesn't cause abortion, but then realize the goal posts are simultaneously moving... back... way back - apparently not only are blastocysts now "babies"... so are potential blastocysts. At this point, a third crusader appears and accuses me of "harassment" and then stomps off to get the authorities. I sense Christian zealots are about to enjoy the privilege they expect (and reliably get), but I continue, "You realize, a blastocyst has 250 cells, while the brain of a fly has 100,000." But promptly the authorities arrive to request (despite having paid my entrance fee) that I no longer enter the Commercial Building - the quacks and fanatics are to enjoy their privilege.   

Ken Kressin

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