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6/13/2014 9:55:00 PM
Science and tube feeding

To the editor:

Science is a lot about knowing stuff you mostly can do nothing about.

Sun comes up East; goes down West. Common sense says it goes around the earth.

Girl friend of Copernicus did a dry all sides dance around campfire after a dip in the Mediterranean. He noted, among other things, the side toward camp fire was light and the opposite side in shadow. So if campfire was sun, and his friend earth; earth might circle sun and day and night still happen.

Being "scientific" he tested the theory with a roast on a spit (marshmallows hadn't been invented).

Then they got down to more important things.

He told Galileo and he told Bruno. Bruno was a loud mouth and got burned at the stake. Galileo got by with house arrest and banned book.

Who says science isn't exciting? We'll get to Newton and Einstein next time.

Meanwhile we got a guy wandered from camp looking for a privy. Got captured with his pants down.

We swapped for almost a six-pack of Guantanamo residents. We got sick of torturing and tube feeding. So because of their bad table manners we made a swap.

Wars tend to wind down to a bunch of retrospective confabulation self-justification jabberwockers.

My solution is evict all Guantanamo unpaid renters, raze the place and build a Marriot Hotel where both the R and D party can have parties and Las Vegas folks can manage.

My venue of course is to find out which party will pay me most not to run (smile).


Robert E. Molenaar

Cannon Falls

P.S. Next week we'll visit Newton and Einstein.

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