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2/27/2014 2:40:00 PM
IQ test

To the editor:

After walking 11/2 miles from one room district 99 school, I always knew if Grandpa Bosch had visited. "Well to do" grandpa got that way pinching penny. Visit was certified by the foul odor of 5¢ cigar. Having begat 13 offspring, the mess of grandkids challenged his memory, and you got small pickings. But I remember one story.

"Once upon a time when I was 4x your age, I was walking in a deep dark woods. I heard a wolf howl, and I didn't have a gun or even a spear. It was the biggest wolf in the world with teeth as long as fingers. It leaped at my throat. Quick as a wink, as far as I could reach with my long arm inside him, I grabbed him by the tail and jerked him inside out." Then the follow up question. So how old was I then?

"Grandpa 4x7 is 28." That earned a smile, a silver dollar, and side remark to my mother, "He's smart. He'll do." It's an 86 year memory now. (So how old am I?) (Smile)

I suspect the T half of R.T. of whatever age would have failed grandpa's I.Q. Test. Because if you believe taxing the poor more to give to the already rich makes the poor richer, you believe water runs uphill and you got serious I.Q. problems.


Robert Eugene Molenaar, M.D.

P.S.: Read Rod Banks swimming pool letter 10x a day x 10 days; and don't trust people who work for two masters.

P.S.S.: And remember dog tags and GPS can empty jails and save a bundle.

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