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11/14/2013 3:00:00 PM

To the editor:

Mae West had it. Economic advantage is insider information. Insider good news lets you buy before investor peons. Insider bad news lets you sell before peons dump theirs at a loss.

Proactive advantage is dumping bad real estate loans or Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae so we taxpayers who own it take the whack.

Stan Cohen (SAC) did the above well. So he got tagged with 1.2 billion fine. (Roughly his yearly salary) (and no income tax on that).

Johnson&Johnson drug folks got a 2.2 billion wrist slap for touting drugs for unapproved use.

Wells Fargo toxic mortgage fine was a mere 335 million. They're good boys. UBS 885 billion. J.P. Morgan 5.1 billion. (Ms. Bjarhus 612-673-4683 inside page Star Tribune). I'll take a few bets none of the above do jail time.

German chancellor lady didn't like her love letters steamed open and read.

Thank you brother Snowden for suggesting it's not nice.

Let's plant GPS dog tags in economic advantage types plus political deviates and maybe rebellious daughters who ignore curfew. Tea party should have two. One so we know where they are, and one so they can find the bathroom.

"Lighten their darkness, Oh Lord, they know no what they do."

Such piety from me is on the long side, but at 92, what the hell. It can't hurt me and might help them.

It's just my benign, kind, forgiving nature come home to root.

I do draw the line at right leg, left leg Mein Kampf goose step shut down government of "We the people" tantrum.


Robert Eugene Molenaar, M.D.

P.S. Memory test - which president deregulated banks? Hint. GWB.

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