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7/10/2013 11:01:00 AM

To the editor:

Eisenhower, "beware the military-industrial complex." Ike was right as grasshoppers in a wheat field. Invasion of Iraq was a bad case of dumb. People did not scatter joyful flowers of liberation.

Military first agenda was "protect the ministry of oil." Looting took care of the rest. (Presidents from Texas pour oil on breakfast cornflakes.)

After killing 100,000 mostly civilians, they finally got Sadam Hussein out of his gopher hole and hung him for not having weapons of mass destruction.

Then they fired all the Sunni bureaucrats who did the little governing Sadam didn't hog, and put thuggy Shiite in charge who had been out of office a hundred years (and knew less about governing than our Tea Party, if that's possible.)

Then military took a vacation in Afghan hill country, over-tipped Northern Alliance hotel keepers a million bucks each to ensure hospitality and smoked all the poppy so opium couldn't be exported, and finally imitated the Russians as much as possible, wore out their welcome, and left 6.9 billion military hardware to rust hither and yon; and came home -- some in caskets.

After such a vacation, no wonder they get all red-faced sweated up with bemedaled chest patriotic fervor when Wikileaks et.al. opened the archives of ignorance avarice and error confirming what Eisenhower predicted.


Robert Eugene Molenaar M.D.

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