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6/14/2013 11:02:00 AM
Herd animal

To the editor:

Man (both genders) is a herd animal. That's why solitary confinement is punishment. The word "Religion" derives from re-ligate, or tie together with the social glue.

Old Testament "If your brother dies you must take his wife as your own" is not an endorsement of polygamy. It's just you can't let your brother's pregnant wife die of starvation -- survival exercise.

Mr. LoPresto's "Trust" is too embedded in "authority." It's as old as the "parting of the waters" and as recent as the caterwauling of tea bibers.

In short, authority, old or new, is lazy logic. It's unworthy to anoint secular authority with "In God We Trust" authority, Mr. LoPresto. (Such as Pentagon or CIA).

So I subscribe to democratic secular one man one vote representation with contributions restricted to the geographic territory to be represented.

I don't like or trust unaffected Pentagon and CIA who hide their dirty linens. I think we citizens can handle it and should participate in washing it. Give Wikileaks a medal.

Which do you think wins friends and influences nations best?

Amputating both arms, both legs, plucking out both eyes and tube feeding the rest or giving a brain-washed Muslim (cousin of Mr. LoPresto), age 19, a new suit and sending him home?


Robert Eugene Molenaar, Cannon Falls

P.S. USA is top military exporter to Asia 30%, Russia 24%, Germany 9%. Top importers, Pakistan, S. Korea, India.

P.S.S. USA jailed 760 per 100,000. USA with 5% world's population has 25% of jailed population.

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