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Which came first

To the editor and Tim Kelly:

The question of which came first the chicken or the egg fits political discourse.

All 50 states have to tax more, service less, because the feds done gone bankrupt.

The George W warlords broke the fed camel bank transmogrifying a trillion surplus to a trillion debt. That's a 2 trillion buck decade long bar hopping economic bender in the middle east psycotic crusade of the easily persuaded "decider."

So the feds dump service obligation on the states and the states dump to county were a significant minority sit chair and twiddle thumbs and hardly know up from down in spite of gravity.

Despite all laws of inertia the Dow has gone 7000 to 15000.

But that's not as good as it sounds because a 15000 certificate barely buys what 7000 used to at Econo ~ Scofields.

It's called inflation, Mr. Kelly. You might call it fresh from the feds funny money. (Except of course the untaxed dividends and un-exercised stock options gestating in foreign banks.

Meanwhile the enthusiastic selective assassination dear to CIA hearts breeds terrorist with the fervor of box elder bugs. Maybe if we castrated terrorists they'd hanker less for 20 virgin. Meanwhile selective assassination is just terrorism spelled backward.

I read you as decent, honest, and good character, Mr. Kelly (and I voted for you), but think the RT party needs to fumigate the tea biber true blue fanatics who need hip boots to wade the political excreta they generate.

Despite the above I remain an optimist. I garaged my snow shovel, hung the hummingbird feeder, and folded the winter quilt.

(I've also spotted mushrooms, but will not disclose to Mr. D where they are) (Smile)


Robert Eugene Molenaar, M.D.

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