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3/8/2013 1:17:00 PM
City administrator

To the editor:

The news keeps happening.

The film, "The Walking Dead," has come to life in Washington D.C. Neither Obama nor Boehner can put any budge in the budget.

The popularity of the "Harlem Shake" proves how far society has come since the days of the "twist" and the hula hoop. At this rate, man will soon discover fire.

And Cannon Falls will raise the salary of the city administrator. Now, he has done a fine job and it would be convenient for the city should he choose to stay. The problem is this is not the time for such a commitment. LeRoy McCusker and Merle Johnson did the right thing when they voted "no" to the proposal.

The arguments the mayor and Mr. Reeves used in asking for the raise are thin, so thin a person could stand on one side of them and still read the classified ads in the Beacon.

Mr. Duncan says Mr. Reeves is like a CEO. Why does he wish to insult the man? Most Americans believe CEO stands for "Corrupt Exhausted Opportunist." And, needless to say, Cannon Falls is not the Ford Motor Company. A city administrator is a glorified accountant with the added skills of a diplomat. He must balance accounts, be polite to people and dodge the cow-pies the state legislature tosses out each year. Mr. Reeves is a whiz at municipal math, is polite and can dodge with the best of them. But he is getting a very good salary and has excellent benefits. Does Mr. Duncan believe that this extra gravy in his bowl will stop him from looking for a bigger bowl in the future? This is being naive on steroids.

The mayor says Mr. Reeves is on the "higher level." Really? Does he mount a hot air balloon and ascend to a point far above the city to do his job? Does he sharpen pencils while he watches the citizens scurry to and fro beneath him? He is a department head, no matter what anyone says.

The city is in good, but not great, fiscal condition. It owes a great deal of money. This debt can be managed, but it should not be encouraged nor should cost saving, on any level, be abandoned.


Phillip Hammes

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